As with most of the data stories we tell, the Investigator Girl blog began with a question. This post explains how our founder came to ask “who are women and girls talking to about their personal security?” and, why we started blogging about it…

During my studies in the fall of 2014 I was assigned an essay on the topic of “Identity in Contemporary Society” where students were tasked with making a persuasive argument on a controversial issue. Having read Sheryl Sandberg’s (2012) book Lean In over the summer and, still being buzzed by it, I decided researching the evolving roles of women in society would be an interesting starting point. While researching the paper I learned quite a bit about the gender gap and global issues around the advancement of women. This being a widely studied topic, there was no shortage of material to work with. But, what stood out for me most was the prevalent theme that women inhibit themselves.

A short time after submitting my essay, I turned on the news only to find a video of two teen girls literally whipping a man on a bus in India after he had assaulted one of them. I experienced a goosebump moment generated by serious pride for those girls for having the courage to fight back.  Then, the report was concluded with the Newscaster stating “the two girls were then kicked off of the bus”.  Insert sound of needle scratching record here.

Statistics show that in coming years more women will be raising children as single parents and more women will be entering the workforce than ever before. If we pair these stats with the social movement around the advancement of women in leadership roles, we end up with a large population of leaders to protect and empower. After discussing these observations with my friends and colleagues, I began searching blogs and websites geared toward women that covered everything from nail art to applying for a Masters Degree program. Nowhere however, did I find a site dedicated strictly to the personal security of women and girls. So, the question became: Who are women and girls talking to about their personal security?  This question became the genesis of the Investigator Girl blog.

Talking to the authorities about safety and security usually doesn’t happen until something bad does, so my goal with the blog was to create a space where insights about personal security could be shared and safety tips would be offered informally.  And, after two years of blogging, a keen audience for the content was discovered. That’s why the most popular Investigator Girl posts have been left up for you to enjoy while we get on with the business of managing risk.


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