The world of social media has become fascinated with live authentic content. And, social videos now have more engagement than any other content format. Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat all offer video and visual content to users (for free) making them exceptionally popular.  One of the reasons these types of visual content are so attractive is that our brains actually crave visual communication.  Accessibility and low investment by the user have also contributed to the allure of these platforms making the sharing of images commonplace for the masses. Videos and images are everywhere.

So what if someone posts a video or image of you without your permission? And what if that video or image is compromising in some way?  Once posted to the internet, there is no erasing it but there are steps you can take to have that video / image taken down. Most mainstream platforms have reporting processes to address this type of thing and it’s important to note that they place a high priority on situations involving youth.

If you’ve run into an unwanted content situation, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Determine what website the content is posted on.
  2. Contact the website and make a request to have the content removed. See link at the bottom of this post for help with this.
  3. Be prepared to state whether or not you are a youth and if so, what age you were in the video / image as well as what age you are now.
  4. Identify yourself as the person in the video / image and whether or not you believe you are identifiable in it.
  5. Object to the posting and state that you object to the continued posting of the content.
  6. Explain that you did not post the content and that you did not give your permission for the content to be posted.
  7. If you are being intimidated, threatened or blackmailed in relation to the content, we recommend that you also make a report to

Live authentic content can be fun and captivating, let’s work on keeping it that way.  If someone you know posts something you’d like taken down, tell them and take steps to have it taken down. In return, ensure that video / images you post are consensual and non-compromising.

Please note: Each social media platform deals differently with requests for content removal.  Our friends over at have compiled a list of instructions for removing content from each of the most popular sites. Good luck!


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