The Betches Book Review

It’s a new year and we’re trying on a (slightly) new perspective. After putting  Nice is Just a Place in France by The Betches on our back-burner because we didn’t feel it fit our brand, we gave it a read anyway and found that it speaks to young women in a tone that we totally get.  So, although this book does not specifically discuss safety tips or security considerations, the main premise sends a message that we agree with, not to mention it had us literally laughing out loud – which gets major points and makes it a no brainer for review!


The main theme of the book is “how to win at basically everything”.  According to The Betches, most anything can accomplished if you simply: Don’t be easy. Don’t be Poor.  and Don’t be Ugly. If you’re ready to embrace the end of “nice girls” and learn how to look hot and unapproachable this book may be for you.  It covers all things sorority rush week, text etiquette and choosing the betchiest career path possible.

The following sentiments made our list of selected highlights:

  • Spring Break – How to avoid arrest, deportation and embarrassment. Includes a table laying out the do’s and don’ts of spring break.
  • Sexting – A slippery slope! Thank you Betches for reminding us that what you put out in cyberspace will follow you for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.
  • Gold DiggingThe Betches provide a clear distinction between being with a man solely because of his money vs. having a certain standard of means for the type of man you’re willing to date.
  • And last but certainly not least, if you keep your legs closed, you can rule the world. Nuff said.

Other reviewers have suggested that this book would be good for the 16 – 24 age range but we disagree. There are too many references to drugs, alcohol and casual sex for the youngest of our readers. Our recommended age range for this book is 20 – 30 years.  We’re confident that ladies in their 20’s will understand the satirical nature and will most likely not attempt to emulate some of the more crass attitudes presented in the book. Meanwhile the content may encourage Mean Girls attitudes in less mature readers.

Overall we consider this to be a jovial, quick and easy read. We appreciated the encouragement it offers to young ladies to take control of their own lives and would recommend this book as a perfect break from study material. Carry it along on transit for short duration reads that are bound to inject a little humor into your day. Enjoy!


Gold Bars

Marrying for Money. Really?!

We spoke to a young woman (17 yrs old) recently who told us that her parents advised her to ‘just focus on marrying rich’ when we asked her about her career aspirations.  Our chins literally hit the floor before we told her that was the worst advice we’d ever heard and here’s why…

Wealthy men know they are being targeted by gold diggers, they are raised to understand and be wary of this concept from an equally young age.  We know plenty of wealthy men who have openly joked about the ‘tire biters’ they can so easily sleep with because they have the money to attract these women like flies. Wealthy fellas can see a gold digger coming a mile away and they know exactly how to use her if they so choose.  This girl’s parents, perhaps unknowingly or uneducated, where inadvertently setting their daughter up with some seriously unhealthy ideas about money and relationships.

The idea of marrying for money isn’t new. Throughout history, marriage has been used as a system to promote the social, financial and political aspirations of many families.  However, this has become an old school way of thinking! These days, (North American) society is generally disgusted by the idea of mercenary marriages and fewer people are actually getting married at all.  Time Magazine recently reported that 25% of US Millennials will never marry.  According to that same article, the three main reasons people are staying single are:

30% haven’t found the right person

27% aren’t financially stable enough

22% not ready to settle down

We live in a world that runs on dollars and good sense. Marginalized women who are raised to believe they need a man’s money to flourish are at a much higher risk for abuse.  And, statistics show that women suffer far more economically than men do when marriages fail.  With that in mind we have some advice:

Instead of looking for either love or money, look out for security within yourself.

Start by getting your own financial shit together then go out and find a man who lives within his means, budgets, saves, invests and stays out of substantial debt.  This is the best move toward a financially secure partnership you’ll ever make.

Everyone’s idea of financial stability is relative to their individual idea of what is needed to meet their needs. You have to decide what that means to you. And, if someone is advising you to ‘marry for money’ instead of going out and making your own, take a good long look at that person’s lifestyle and consider whom you are taking that advice from.  Always be cautious of taking any advice from those who do not possess the same lifestyle and qualities you are seeking for yourself.


P.S. Juuuuust in case there are any readers who do not know this, a gold digger is a woman (or man) whose primary interest in a relationship is material benefit.  Any woman who cares more about a man’s bank account than she does about the man fits into this category.


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Music Festival

Music Festival, Like a Pro

In case you didn’t notice, music festival season kicked off last month at Coachella down in Indio, CA and was followed closely by Canadian Music Festival in Toronto. Next up is Sasquatch in George, WA this Memorial Day weekend.  As a matter of fact, the line ups for music festivals all over North America have been announced and tickets sales are well underway!

Synonymous with party drugs like MDMA, music festivals generally attract folks who are simply looking for a good time but there is also an underbelly to these events that attracts unscrupulous drug dealers and opportunists.  So, whether you’re a music festival junkie or a first timer, there are a few things to consider before you enter the gated grounds of the increasingly popular music festival.

Festival goers need to be aware of the combination of heat, dehydration, marathon dance sessions and tainted drugs that will undoubtedly be offered up at any outdoor music festival.  With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of safety tips for doing music festival season like a pro:

  • Check the festival website for safety advisory and lists of prohibited items before you go
  • Plan your ride home before you go
  • Check the weather and pack appropriately
  • Leave your valuables at home, bring only the cash & cards you need
  • Prepare an exit strategy, have a plan for what to do in case there is an emergency
  • Set times throughout the day to check in with someone back home
  • Choose a well-lit camp site
  • Mark your tent and property with your initials and postal code
  • Get to know your camp site neighbors
  • Learn the layout of the festival grounds before you indulge at the beer garden
  • Know where the nearest security and medical stations are to your camp site
  • Stay hydrated, bring a refillable water bottle
  • Stay in groups and within your group have a festival buddy who will always have your back
  • Look out for others even if they are not your festival buddy
  • If you find yourself alone, make the festival staff and volunteers aware of your presence
  • Never go anywhere with a stranger
  • Never take drinks or drugs from strangers
  • Utilize free testing at the SafeRave, PartySafe or Ankors booth if you do decide to take drugs
  • Charge your mobile daily, most festivals have charging stations
  • Be aware of anyone who seems to be looking for vulnerable women and don’t let your friends wonder off with someone they just met
  • If you see something sketchy going on, report it
  • Support the festivals that promote safety and skip the others

We know these all sound like common sense tips BUT, we also know how quickly common sense can go out the window once you’ve entered the rush of the festival environment.  We encourage you to plan ahead, consider these tips, have fun and stay safe this music festival season!